• Class Rings

    Class Rings

    A ring leader! Balfour is a leader in manufacturing class rings. Your class ring connects you with your school, your classmates, and your memories. Trust your high school experience to Balfour.

  • Senior Wearables

    Senior Wearables

    This is your year! Step out wearing gear that stands out! Tell the world you’ve made it! Get in the action with a stylish hoodie, sweatpants, and all the trimmings that show off your senior pride!

  • Caps and Gowns

    Caps and Gowns

    Walk across the stage with pride. Balfour’s classic cap and gown series reflect the tradition and honor of the graduation ceremony. A cap and gown add a signature touch to your ceremonial day.

  • Championship Rings

    Championship Rings

    The honor of wearing a Championship Ring is now a reality.  Balfour, the industry leader in ring design innovations, is ready to help you design and create your ring today!  The exquisite craftsmanship of the Balfour artisans produces a ring of such exceptional depth, intricacy, clarity, and balance that they are, in fact, recognizable at a glance.

  • Graduation Announcements

    Graduation Announcements

    You made it! Now it’s time to celebrate and show all that you’ve achieved in the last few years. Balfour’s selection of high school graduation accessories makes it easy to share this fun and momentous occasion with friends and family.

A class ring from Balfour serves as an enduring, lifetime reminder of your unique capabilities. It's more than just a commemoration of your educational experiences, it's also part of your lifelong journey. Your Balfour class ring will start conversations and foster connections with employers, friends and even your future family!